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This lovely Honeycomb diffuser locket necklace is crafted in platinum gold filled on sterling silver and 18K yellow gold filled on tiny bee.This locket necklace is adjustable to suit a variety of lengths.
Mama kid box set available at $2980.

My Honeycomb Diffuser Necklace

  • Metal: Platinum filled on Sterling Silver, 18K yellow gold bee

    Pendent measurement: 25.2mm x 23.5mm 

    Chain lenght: Adjustable from 18-22 in



    吊墜尺寸:25.2毫米 X 23.5毫米

    頸鏈 (可調教): 18-22吋 


    Comes with 2 absorber pads.

  • Put 1-3 drops of essential oil or layer with several oils on the absorber pad . The scent will last for days depending on the strength and quality of your oil.

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